Olympics 2012 Relay Baton Designs

To celebrate the 2012 Olympics, Stockport Council ran a competition asking school children to draw a design using black ink, paint or crayon, to be transferred onto a relay baton, showing how they are active in their local parks. These batons will be used in a large-scale extravaganza, involving many people across several parks, simultaneously running in relay, culminating in an award ceremony. I co-judged the entrants and created an Olympic family from the winning designs by carefully treating the winning work to unify the collection. The final images are produced in high resolution to enable large format prints for exhibition and legacy.

"Damyon.  Wow these look so fantastic, thank you so much, you really have done a fantastic job and I can’t thank you enough for the extra time and effort you have put in."
Laura Murphy, Olympic Legacy Coordinator
Stockport Metropolitan Council

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