Ocean Software, Mission: Impossible

Ocean Software’s official Mission: Impossible game is promoted to retailers globally. The mailer opens back to front, creating immediate intrigue. Inspired by the film, dark content unravels within. An iconic burning fuse underlines the message, ‘Good morning Mr.Phelps, the official Mission: Impossible game from Ocean is about to…’ The facing right hand page shows the game’s character viewing a tablet. The message continues upon this, ‘update: www.ocean.com’. This remains visible as the packaging is opened, encouraging visits to the website. The left hand page opens and the message follows the fuse, turning a right angle. To heighten interest, artefacts from the game appear within the dark text above, ‘Expect the Impossible’, styled on the title sequence from the film. A 45-degree fold opens to reveal text within the message, detailing the game and listing key benefits. This is designed with reference to the film, where through a twist of fate, Phelps uncovers previously concealed events, to reveal the truth. An exploding paper fold bursts open to conclude with the classic line ‘This message will self destruct in five seconds…’ An enclosed promotional CD celebrates the game in detail, inspiring retailers to stock the title. Featured by Creative Review.

"Working closely with Damyon has really shown me just how far a project can progress, when normal agency protocol is shelved and communication and idea generation is combined. Influence has brought a new and exciting approach to Infogrammes and ultimately the gaming industry."
Andy Hughes, Marketing Manager
Ocean Software and Infogrammes UK

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