Myth Busters

We created a Flash game for use in London’s Trafalgar Square, promoting good ecological practice. The aim of the game was to find out which of the facts were myths, and which were true. We created a custom character to present the game to the user. The use of a custom created character meant that the game was friendly and approachable. After selecting which facts you think are myths the user then has their answers marked by the character. Successful users were awarded with a prize by a member of staff. This game is available to play online at

"Influence are really easy to work with.  They take their briefs quickly and efficiently and simply get on with it.  
They've never failed to impress - always going that extra mile, making sure everyone is totally happy.  The solutions they deliver have been brilliant. Above all they can be relied on to deliver exactly what we asked for and to the required deadlines.”
Andy Murral, Design Director
Hub Design

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