KIss Press Advertisements

Kiss FM required a new graphic language to speak boldly with its audience, raising awareness through a series of press advertisements. A strong yet versatile grid structure was developed to carry messages clearly with impact, maintaining continuity. The first promotes their five distinct music genres, each allocated a colour and icon. Corporate colours, yellow and red, feature predominantly. In the second, colour and typography adapt to suit an American themed clubbing competition. The last advert shows the broadcast areas of Kiss102 and 105. These are represented through expanding concentric circles; colour coded to their music genres. Brand language continues through the design of folding fliers that carry air play times.

"Damyon Anderson Garrity is very creative, with a good knowledge of the target market and how to communicate with them. Damyon has always been hard-working, conscientious and professional delivering within tight deadlines and budgets."
Louise Moore, Marketing Executive
Kiss FM

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