DAI Website

Digital Applications International (DAI) required an online strategy to promote their corporate profile and business units, together or independently. The solution comprises a corporate website linked to five separate business unit websites. The design style was prescribed by the client, to be the same as DAI’s applications, to provide familiarity for existing users and introduce the brand to new prospects. A bespoke content management system (CMS) enables senior management to add or remove content across all sites and add editors to business unit sites. Editors have a choice of templates to use for different combinations of imagery and text. The corporate site provides an overview of the company, sectors worked for and services provided. The business unit sites promote products and services, supported with case studies. Users can navigate to any business unit site via the corporate site’s sub navigation, and return via a corporate link in the footer, or by clicking the DAI logo. Site maps, created dynamically by the CMS, can be toggled on or off. A breadcrumb trail appears across a bar below the main navigation. Slide decks cycle through imagery and text teasing users to discover more. A contact form, which self validates, enables expressions of interest. Office locations, shown using Google Map technology, help users find their way with ease. A search bar helps find site-specific information.

"DAI are a pleasure to work with."
Damyon Anderson Garrity, Creative Director
Influence Design Associates

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